It has been reported by Times of India that ‘Eco Sikh and Sikh Sewak Society — have announced a drive to launch Gurudwara Organic Movement, which would promote organic langar in Gurdwaras.’
I am not aware if the long term value of promoting organic langar has been thought through by the Eco Sikh and Sikh Sewak Society.
The beneficiaries of langar mostly are itinerants and unless their food intake is kept organic in the long run, the health benefits for visiting devotees are doubtful. The costs of daily langar will however mount further from the present high costs.
May be Rajwant ji or some body other from Eco Sikh would explain. The idea however has received a lot of publicity in the press but I have not read any commentary on the subject.

Hoping that the readers of S&S would offer their views. For details please go to link: langar/articleshow/60875667.cms

Nirmal Singh


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    Steven November 25, 2048 11:35 pm

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      Richard November 27, 2048 10:20 pm

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        John November 28, 2048 11:42 am

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    Martin November 29, 2048 07:35 am

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    David November 30, 2048 10:54 am

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