The Most Rev. Daniel A. Cronin


The Most Rev. Daniel A. Cronin
Archbishop, Archdiocese of Hartford
134 Farmington Avenue
Hartford, CT 06105

Dear Archbishop,

I am writing to thank you and the Archdiocese for making it possible to organize the interreligious prayer for victims and healing on Sep 14, 2001 at the Cathedral. The prayer was indeed a solemn occasion and brought the community together at a time when it was most needed.
Several of my fellow Sikh congregants at our Gurdwaras in Southington and Norwalk have expressed how touched they were by the experience. I also want to bring to you their thanks and appreciation.
I also hope that at some future date, when you feel better and times are less stressful, you would be able to join us in our prayer at the Gurdwara.
Thank you once again and I remain,
Yours Sincerely

(Nirmal Singh)
October 2, 2001


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