Baisakhi Planning

DRAFT PF 11-8- 06

Amended NS 11 – 21-06

5:00 pm Assembly, dinner buffet lines open[1]

Are there some individuals who might provide suggestions for a menu? We typically serve a buffet featuring:

  • an appetizer: __________________
  • a “staple” such as rice, bread, or potatoes: _______________
  • two meat entrées (fish and chicken): _______________
  • a vegetarian entrée (we do expect some vegetarians): _____________
  • one or two vegetables: ________________
  • one or two desserts (which we will serve to the tables during the program; see below) ______________ ____________________

Our kitchen staff is quite capable and appreciates a challenge. Suggested menu items – and accompanying recipes (to be placed on pages below or sent separately) – would be greatly appreciated.

Veena assures me she will help out. My suggestion is that as we get close to the date you may email the proposed menu to me and Veena can then interact with your kitchen staff and help out as needed.

Presentation by Sikh Group – around 1 hour

5:08 Invocation – Ms Arvinder Ahluwalia will co ordinate a youth group from the Gurdwara sangat [3-5 min.]

5:10 Introductory remarks – Dr. Nirmal Singh [5-10min]

5:20 Sikhs & Sikhism – Dr B S Maini [10-15min]

5:35 Live Dhol: Call to Dancing by our Artiste from Reading or NYC – To be organized by Mr Parmjit Singh Anand. [610] 796 0115

Performer(s) Manpreet Singh Anand & Party [3-5 min]

(Is this an individual or a group? What is the name associated with him/her/it?)

5:40 Bhangra or Gidha dance performances with recorded music or a dhol beat by our troupes from Harrisburg area and Regional locations. Nirmal Singh will provide details.

Harrisburg Area Performers – Two items coordinated by Jasvir Grewal [717] 612 9727, email [email protected] [10 min]

Central PA Performer Groups – Up to four items coordinated by Arvinder Ahluwalia [570] 622 8788, with assistance of Onkar Singh Grewal [484] 529 3847 and Parmjit Singh Anand [20 min]

After dinner we would welcome all in the audience to join in dancing Bhangra to recorded music as well as to the live beat of Dhol. Some members of the Gurdwara may volunteer to teach some steps and movements of the dance to those interested.

Nirmal will work with the Gurdwara to begin to address the following:

  • Arrangement of a small display in the dining hall – Arvinder Ahluwalia and Micky Singh
  • Decorations to give the stage an ethnic flavor – Micky Singh
  • Colors for table coverings – Micky Singh
  • Ideas regarding decorations/centerpieces for the tables – Micky Singh
  • Pictures of the artists/participants (other than what we have from our Soulful Celebration) – to follow

The College has offered a $100 honorarium per performance group suffice? Perhaps the “Artiste from Reading or NYC” requires transportation reimbursement or a higher honorarium?

This is the complete list of full citations:

[1] Could 5 pm be too early for eating? Some print information has been published….

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