Ik onkaar sat naam

There is but one God, true is His name

Hey Akal Purakh, our eternal Lord,

We come to you again in prayer in these difficult times:

Even after 200 years of scientific, technological and industrial development, the world still has more poor than ever before,

So much of humanity is still suffering under unjust, corrupt, tyrannical and self- righteous regimes,

Even as life’s comforts for many are better than anything experienced by Man ever before, the deep purpose in life is still eluding most of us,

The young everywhere are increasingly disenchanted, alienated with what they see, hear and watch being done,

In spite of instant global communications, the veil of ignorance, prejudice and ill will lingers on,

We all see and recognize that now more than ever before, our future is linked together, yet the boundaries created by us - communities, faiths, ethnicity’s, nations, states - deeply inhibit and divide us,

In this world that we live in today, nothing is local; nothing is anybody else’s problem - whatever happens anywhere can have repercussions anywhere else.

So help us, guide us on this day of Gandhi’s birth who fought for freedom and liberty, so that we can conduct ourselves in this new emerging world as individuals, peoples, leaders, governments to bring peace, justice, prosperity for the sarbat - one and all - as Nanak always preached and prayed.

Nirmal Singh

Farmington, CT Oct 2, 2001 [This is the text of the closing Prayer I offered, almost extempore, at the urging of my colleague Dr Shyamala Raman at the end of a CCIU meeting at Hartford Seminary.]

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